We are delighted to act as a global distributor of a wide range of furnishing fabrics, with a primary focus on the renowned Italian craftsmanship. Explore our collection, which includes a wide range of fabrics developed to meet the highest standards of quality and design: from the timeless warmth of wool to the fresh and breathable comfort of linen and cotton, up to velvets that add a touch of elegance to any place.


Suitable for both domestic and contract use, our fabrics are made to enhance any space with their quality and style. Our commitment to excellence is not limited to the range of products, but expanded to customer service with an expert guidance to meet every expectation.

Our Philosophy

Efficiency is our keyword.
A young and dynamic staff is ready to
follow our customers step by step during the whole process.
Our strength is the continuous and lasting availability of a great variety of furnishing fabrics.

Italian taste and superior quality in the world of interiors.
The fusion of passion and creativity is the winner synergie to create exquisite fabrics.